Swarokovski Hanging Crystals



Clear Prism Ball

Heavy 24% leaded Swarovski Austrian Crystal Classic clear faceted 50mm prism ball.  These prisms create superb reflections of light and can be hung as an ornament or placed on a dainty stand as a decorative crystal ball accessory.  Perfect Feng Shui crystal for radiating Chi Energy


Arrow Head Prism

Sarovski 50mm Aurora Borealis Arrow Head prism.  Beautifully faceted scalloped edges border a raised low center point on both sides, enhancing the rainbow reflections.  A superb Feng Shui crystal to enhance the energy flow or hang in any room for rainbow colors.

Heart Prism

Dazzling big beautifyl Swarovski Aurora Borealis Heart hanging prism.  Let the rainbows melt your heart.  This prism is also used as a pendant in jewelry.