Hand carved in the North of Vietnam near Hanoi, each piece of Vietnam Stone Art is individually crafted by a master stone carver and his apprentice. The master shapes the more delicate parts of the piece that require a higher skill level, while the apprentice assists him as he learns the master’s trade. In this way, they ensure that the techniques are passed down from one master to the next, without losing the artistic style of this 3,000-year-old culture.

Combining their ancient artistry with more Western-Style, the Vietnamese stone carvers seek to introduce fresh, new ideas, while not compromising their own unique characteristics as traditional artisans. The soapstone occurs naturally, and the carving is all done free hand, resulting in a look with a natural organic flow, wrapping around the pieces to create a three dimensional work of art that is unique!

This Vietnamese hand carved soapstone is the best we've ever seen. Each piece will add a point of interest and conversation, as well as a touch of ancient Southeast Asian culture, to any room, jewelry boxes and for collection pieces.